PyNanoLab: Data Analysis and Visualization

PyNanoLab is a free all in one GUI software for data analysis and visualization, especially for nanopore data analysis. Makes the nanopore research easy.

PyNanoLab contains a variety of tools to complete the data analysis, statistics, curve fitting, and basic machine learning application. Visualization in pynanolab is based on matplotlib. The setup tools is desinged to control and set-up all the details of the figure with a GUI.

Signal Extraction

  • Extract signal automatically
  • Multiple File management
  • Raw data denoise and filter

Data Processing

  • Data filter and calculate with pandas
  • Data analysis
  • Sheet merge and concat


  • Visualize data with matplotlib
  • Interactive setup Figure
  • Rebuild data and fig from project file.

Curves Fitting

  • Curves fitting with lmfit
  • Multiple build-in models
  • Interactive fitting


  • Clustering of with scikit-learn
  • Interactive parameter setting
  • Real-time visualization

Nanopore ToolBox

  • Auto and Custom signal analysis
  • Time-Frequency spectral analysis
  • Signal batch processing